The main pedestrian paths of Lazdynai were created with great ambition - they were wide sweeping, lavishly planted with greenery and thoughfully composed spaces. Sadly, the efforts of Soviet urban planners were fruitless and they failed to create the lively public spaces they envisioned - now the paths are all used purely to get from one point to another. Two individual strateges are proposed for the two pedestrian pathways of different character: Lazdynai Park and Active Leisure.
The main public space in Lazdynai is adapted for active leisure. The new library, youth center and reconstructed marketplace will turn the walkway into a hub of communal life.
The pedestrian pathway is surrounded by housing blocks, thus the proposed functions for it are of a calm and quiet nature: a commercial zone, sculpture park and culture center. These new functions will give the space a new face without disturbing the peace of the people living close by.